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Welcome to the OnePiecePirates~!
This group accepts all types of artwork, from drawings to cosplay. Even Original Characters~!
Beware though! This group is not a spoiler-free group, so anime only watchers tread carefully through our gallery. :)

If you’re new to the group, there’s not a lot of rules to follow.
-Submit your artwork to the correct folder, otherwise it will be declined.
-Original Characters are allowed.
-We accept fake anime screenshots and manga colourings (So anything basically made by you)
-We do not accept fanarts enabled for prints.

-We affiliate with any type of group.


  • Featured - For admins only.
  • Single Characters - For pictures of one character only.
  • Group Pictures - For pictures of more than one character, this includes any OC with a canon character (non-romantic).
  • Pairings - For any Canon X Canon pairing pictures.
  • Fanfics, Comics - For any comic strips, fanfiction, and doujinshis.
  • Cosplay - For any cosplay photos.
  • Original Characters - For any OCs.
  • OC x Canon - For any pictures of your OC x Canon character, e.g. Ace X OC, Sanji X OC.
  • Stamps and Icons - For any stamps or icons related to One Piece.
  • Crossovers - For any pictures involving a One Piece character with a character from another series. E.g. Chopper and Happy (from Fairy Tail) or Luffy and Pikachu (From Pokemon).
  • Misc. - For memes, arts and crafts, gifs, and everything else that doesn't fit into any of the other folders.
  • Coloured Manga Pages - For any coloured pages or strips from the official manga.
  • Helpful Links

    One Piece Wikipedia








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One Piece: Donquixote Big Brother's Affection by ZheeMelarArt Family ~ by Knusperflockilein Family ~ by Knusperflockilein Its Cold Outside by Mangakalisel Monthly Challenge: Eustass Kid x OCThis is my entry for the monthtly challenge over at x-One-Piece-Lovers-x , also because I wanted to get my hand on a little writing for a while. Without further a do, here is my canon x oc story. (^v^)
  Camille sat on the railing of the docked ship sipping her coffee as the snow fell all around. She could taste her drink getting watery each passing minute, because of the white flakes falling and melting into it. Who's ship is she on you may ask? Not her captains' ship, but instead, the ship of the notorious Kid pirates. She needed a break from her pink haired captain, Bonney, because the supernova kept eating all the warm and toasty pastries Camille had just made.
  She let out a sigh and saw her breath becoming crystalized and then disappear. She snuggled deeper into her scarf and closed her eyes. She suddenly opened her eyes after feeling a freezing sensation make its way through her sweater. "Ahh! Kid! Take your hand off of me! It's pra
Monthly Challenge: Baby, it's Warm Inside by the-ocean-sings Monet and Sugar (One Piece ~ Frozen crossover) by MajorasMasks

Listed above are the participants of their last Cold Outside Challenge. Once more, OnePieceContests is holding a new challenge. The theme for this challenge is Cold Outside, so you can create anything related to it. Drawings and literature are accepted. They will also accept OCs, canon characters and reader inserts for literature and for drawings as well. It's basically an anything goes challenge as long as it fits the theme and is somehow related to One Piece. They'll give points, llamas and features to anyone that enters and submits their entry on time. To know more about it please click the link below. And a little more information on the group which I just copied from the page: OnePieceContests is a group that holds original character tournaments (OCTs), challenges plus fanfiction and artwork contests, all related to the One Piece fandom! It's our mission to make sure that there is always an event going on~

The deadline for the challenge is on February 29, 2015! Hope you guys have some time to join ^-^


As for the raffle, I have two going on right now. If you'd join them, I'd appreciate it, especially about the one for my friend > w <


And uhm, let me just link this thing here->
Now I know that sometimes when we see art of other people we're like
"Wow this thing's fabulous, I wish I can do art like this!"
But that does not, under any circumstance mean you can just frickin copy and paste it and claim the beautiful piece of awesomeness as yours! Recently, there has been a shitty little cupcake that has been doing this and I am so so embarassed that she got into one fof the groups I handled. x-One-Piece-Lovers-x. Well, at least she didn't get into OnePieceContests and OnePiecePirates but still! Thankfully a cupcake of justice informed me of the thefts. Not saying who it is coz I might get killed XD Anyway let's go back to the more serious note.

TheScarletBerserker is a fraud. People who watch her please unwatch her like RIGHT NOW. She's been here for three days but she's already doing art theft in the One Piece and Fairy Tail fandom. //Not an admin of an Fairy Tale groups so I hope they find this person too and give her a good ass whooping, I mean 'lesson'. OFC I meant lesson. I'm not that cruel //trying so hard not to say anything very bad

And you know cupcakes, art theft won't help you grow. Sure you have a lot of followers/watchers/etc. but they follow you for other people's art and that's some low crap. So then you're like
"But I just refernced the stuff I see, is that alright?"

Just don't trace everything. Referencing from a picture is actually good practice. I did it when I was younger. You can look at the picture and try to draw it yourself. In your own style. With your own quirks. Not just effin' copy paste and BOOM! 'Cupcake this piece of flawless art is mine and I totally did not just steal it from a pixiv/tumbLr/zero-chan/Google+ artist' Yah, cupcakes she stole from that many people.


With love and daggers,
Yo! With the large influx of members we would love some extra hands to help us out run this group.
You basically just need to accept submissions into the group and if their submitted into the wrong folder just move 'em back to the right one, that's literally it. Some rules to follow, but their fairly simple to follow.

Looking for mostly experienced people however I won't turn to decline those that do not have any experience running groups, as long as your more than ready to help out theres room for you here!
Send me (RedRoronoa) a note or comment here if you want to offer your soul work here among us; if it looks like you're fit for the job I'll send over a request.
Gonna leave this up for a week or two, best of luck. :)

Thanks for reading, take care~ :ahoy:
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i waited for a day because i forgot to change the folder to upload my One Piece OCS on, so i did and i made sure i clicked the right folder, not showing at all... Why was it Declined....?
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