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Welcome to the OnePiecePirates~!
This group accepts all types of artwork, from drawings to cosplay. Even Original Characters~!
Beware though! This group is not a spoiler-free group, so anime only watchers tread carefully through our gallery. :)

If you’re new to the group, there’s not a lot of rules to follow.
-Submit your artwork to the correct folder, otherwise it will be declined.
-Original Characters are allowed.
-We accept fake anime screenshots and manga colourings (So anything basically made by you)
-We do not accept fanarts enabled for prints.

-We affiliate with any type of group.


  • Featured - For admins only.
  • Single Characters - For pictures of one character only.
  • Group Pictures - For pictures of more than one character, this includes any OC with a canon character (non-romantic).
  • Pairings - For any Canon X Canon pairing pictures.
  • Fanfics, Comics - For any comic strips, fanfiction, and doujinshis.
  • Cosplay - For any cosplay photos.
  • Original Characters - For any OCs.
  • OC x Canon - For any pictures of your OC x Canon character, e.g. Ace X OC, Sanji X OC.
  • Stamps and Icons - For any stamps or icons related to One Piece.
  • Crossovers - For any pictures involving a One Piece character with a character from another series. E.g. Chopper and Happy (from Fairy Tail) or Luffy and Pikachu (From Pokemon).
  • Misc. - For memes, arts and crafts, gifs, and everything else that doesn't fit into any of the other folders.
  • Coloured Manga Pages - For any coloured pages or strips from the official manga.
  • Helpful Links

    One Piece Wikipedia








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As many of you know Naruto is ending in about.. two more chapters? Well, a kind redditor over at Reddit had started of making a farewell project for Naruto.
Last year when Oda was ill, the Naruto forum had went off and made some get well postcards, Here

"I'm sure you know the Naruto manga is set to officially end on November 10 and with that in mind a journey of 15 years is coming to an end for Naruto fans. To celebrate the epic conclusion of this manga, lets send them our support as fellow manga fans (and possibly get them to jump ship ;) ) by sending some postcards with messages from our community."

So to cut things short, we all have the chance to write up/create a postcard bidding farewell to the Naruto manga.
Anyone is free to join, here's a link to where you can read more about it>>…

It doesn't have to complex or anything guys, just a simple message is more than enough! :'D;

Example 1 from YonkouProductions
Example 2 from Euromatic

If at any case you don't have a Reddit account, I'll be more than happy to send the postcard/message on your behalf so it can be collected, just make sure to have your name in there somewhere and note me or comment on here!

We have 6 days before the messages have to be collected!
Heyo friends! :ahoy:
I've been curious of lates and theres no point beating around the bush so here's the questions for ya' all

How did ya get into One Piece?

As for me, East blue was great.
I remember during one summer break, a few years back before I got into One Piece my brother always told me to check this series out, he showed me some images of the Strawhat crew during their East Blue days and I, being the naive, stupid, stupid teen I was, I said something along the lines of "Ew another gross cartoon", I never looked back into that series again, haaah boy was I foolish.
A couple weeks later my bro was watching an episode, more specifically Zoro vs Hachi and there was a moment where I overlooked what I was doing and caught the scene where Zoro was dodging all of Hachi blades, aiiigh that was too neat man! Got my bro to move over as soon as possible and snagged his headphones out 'cause like it or not I was gonna join him in the fray of watching that anime, hah least to say he was pretty dang delighted. After that I watched a few more episode before he had to leave, I then took my time to start watching the series from the very beginning and catch up to where we left off, took me around 2 days? Which is amazing since I'm a slow reader that didn't watch a lot of shows back then, hahah!

So to speak, I was re-introduced to One Piece through my bro, not gonna count the airing of Toonami back in 2004 'cause my brain refuses to remember 4Kids dub oops and anyway, specifically Arlong arc and I guess Zoro in a way drove me to actually start watching it? Yeah, it's been a few years since then and I've yet to get off the OP hook I got myself into back in 2007.. Doubt I'm gonna get off it any time soon either oTL;;

tl;dr: I was a stupid teen and refused to start watchin OP until Zoro vs Hachi fight back in 2007

But dudes and dudettes thats my story for how I got into One Piece! How about you guys?
I'd be delighted to read your experiences /o/
Nakamas, ahoy! :ahoy:
So apparently we hit 5000 members recently? :XD: Oops, hadn't noticed until now but ain't that awesome!
Alas a shout out to everyone joining this group, the members that shared their artwork and to the members that viewed others work as well. Also, cheers to the admins! Helping to maintain a quick rate of review for submissions, seeing this group gets flooded so darn quickly you guys are doing amazing. xD

Butyeah, now the sappy stuff is over! Seriously though thank you.
How'ya guys been? :'D

Seeing another chapter of OP is not gonna be released due to Golden week, so let's start a discussion instead! /o/
Anyone have a favorite arc they loved watching and couldn't get enough of? Losing yourself and having several occasions of "mind=blown".
Dressrosa is easily one of them for me, BUT for the sake of the anime only watchers I'll leave Dressrosa out of this discussion as epic as that arc is. You guys can comment about it though! But please have a spoiler warning in your comment before anything else. xD

Eitherway we still have many other arcs to pick from! Personally I loved Arlong arc dearly, without it I doubt I would of even started watching One Piece all these years ago. *_* And at the end of Alabasta, that was another arc which made me realize "Wow this show is pretty damn amazing".
Throughout the series though, I think I have to pick Water 7 as my favorite arc. Literally so many things happened in that one arc which lead to a bomb of an arc during Enies Lobby!
Oh man the roller-caster of emotion that arc made me go through, same with Shabondy and Marineford war //sob Aaaaccceee

Butaigh, that's my winded answer for my favorite arcs! :XD: What about you guys? Still have a favorite arc that makes you want to go back and re-read/watch the whole thing again?

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